Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pre-Assessment Writing - Describe

My Room, My Castle

A television station is advertising for teenagers to enter a competition for a free 'room makeover'. If you win, your room will be transformed into the room of your dreams. Your plans should be considerate of the needs of all the people who live in your house, as well as giving you a dream bedroom. Write a description of how you would like your room transformed.

The entry form asks you to:
briefly describe your original room and what aspects need changing describe your ideas for the makeover of your room show some originality and flair in the changes you describe

  • Plan your writing before you start.
  • Be logical and ordered in your presentation of ideas, organising them into sentences and paragraphs.
  • Include an introduction and conclusion.
  • Use language that will make your writing interesting and vivid for your reader.
  • Remember to use the time at the end to proof-read and edit your writing, paying attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling.
Time Frame:
5min discussion as a class
5min Planning
30min Writing
5min editing at the end

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